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Recent Case Underscores Need for Propane Safety

Many home grills, hibachis and barbecues use propane, and a single spark can ignite a fire that could do significant damage.

AAA Predicts Record-Breaking Travel for July 4th

A record-breaking number of people are predicted to travel for the Independence Day holiday. What does that mean for accidents?

Reducing Preventable Mistakes in Hospitals

To err is human… which is why scientists are using computers to help reduce preventable mistakes in hospitals.

Construction Site Safety and Government Oversight

Safeguards can do a lot to minimize dangers at construction sites… especially when the government is involved.

PennDOT Releases 2017 Crash Statistics

Last year, Pennsylvania made history in regard to the state’s crash statistics, according to PennDOT.

Mass Recall of Misdiagnosed Patients in UK, PA Misdiagnosis Case Goes to Supreme Court

More than 3,000 neurology patients in the UK are being reevaluated for misdiagnoses, and a misdiagnosis case is now under review by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

First-Ever Robot Assisted Spinal Surgery Happens in Philadelphia

In the first procedure of its kind, right here in Philadelphia, a robot assisted in spinal surgery.

Can Your Blood Type Affect Emergency Care?

In the chaotic atmosphere of an Emergency Room, timing can be critical. According to a new study, so can blood type.

Best Practices for Construction Jobsite Safety

In honor of “Construction Safety Week” - key strategies for keeping workers free from injury.

Risks and Benefits of C-Sections

There are advantages to having a baby by Cesarean section, one being a lesser instance of birth injury. But do those benefits outweigh the risks?

Does Immunity from Medical Malpractice Improve Patient Care?

It stands to reason that medical malpractice insurance protects physicians when they make errors. But if physicians were immune from lawsuits, would care decline?

Statistics on Plane Accidents and Airline Safety

After the shocking Southwest Airlines accident last week, many people are wondering just how safe it is to fly.

PA Ranks #2 in Medical Malpractice Claims

A recent study ranked the best and worst states for doctors to practice, citing working conditions, wages and the cost of doing business. Pennsylvania landed somewhere in the middle.

Distracted Driving in Pennsylvania

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. What are the accident statistics?

Certain Birth Injuries Can Result in Mental Illness

A new study found that children with certain types of birth injuries have a higher risk of developing mental health issues as teenagers.