In this confidential settlement, Duffy + Fulginiti prevailed on behalf of a client against an international hotel company following a slip and fall in Mexico. Our client slipped on water tracked onto a tile floor from a pool area and struck his head on the person in front of him, breaking his neck and resulting in quadriplegia injuries. The firm was able to establish that the parent hotel, despite its efforts to layer many subsidiaries for insulation, would “push down” policies to its sub-subsidiaries’ hotels, resulting, among other things, in the use of the wrong type of outdoor floor mats. The backing material used on those mats resulted in the mats themselves capturing water, which then caused individuals with dry shoes or feet to track that water onto a previously dry tile surface. Despite defense efforts to remove the case to federal court and then transfer it to Mexico, Duffy + Fulginiti fought successfully to institute and keep the matter in Philadelphia.


A confidential settlement for a nurse who suffered an elbow injury, resulting in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD) as a result of her vehicle being struck by a bus making an improper lane change.


A confidential settlement attained for a boy who, at 28 hours after birth, developed necrotizing endocolitis (NEC). Failure to properly diagnose the NEC resulted in a decrease in oxygen saturation that ultimately caused an anoxic injury and cerebral palsy to the boy.


The Mathis settlement was obtained during the fourth day of trial for a man who was injured in a low-speed, low-impact crash. There was only $750 in property damage, and there was no traumatic injury established on any x-ray, MRI or other study. However, during trial, Duffy + Fulginiti, through expert research and testimony, established that the minor accident triggered a genetic condition in Mr. Mathis, then 44, known as Ankylosing Spondylitis, a condition of which Mr. Mathis was even unaware. By the time of trial, Mr. Mathis walked with a cane as his genetic condition had caused a progressive fusing of his spine.


In Sawyer, Duffy + Fulginiti secured a settlement for client Susan Sawyer, a former security guard at a port in Delaware County who was the victim of devastating injuries when a tractor trailer ran over her leg and foot.


A 39-year-old man in good health was brought to the emergency room with complaints of a headache, so severe that he could not stand or function at work. After about an hour in the ER, he felt better. Without ordering a CAT scan or neurological consultation, the ER discharged the man. Weeks later, he collapsed on the street and was rushed to the hospital where imaging showed a brain lesion responsible for his headaches had ruptured, leaving him with irreversible and permanent brain damage. He never fully regained consciousness and died 3 years later.


In Schramm, Duffy + Fulginiti won this settlement for a client who suffered massive leg injuries when the tractor-trailer he was driving was hit by another trucker's rig.


Our client, a young mother in her 30's, had sought care from several successive doctors to correct lower back and related abdominal pain. After following the advice of the doctors and enduring multiple “corrective” surgeries, she received no relief whatsoever. Rib cage-related neuralgia, costochondritis, musculoskeletal pain, failed back surgery syndrome, thoracotomy syndrome, and graft site pain left her unable to return to her full-time responsibilities as a nursing supervisor. Duffy + Fulginiti secured this confidential settlement to offset her future wage losses and medical care.


In Gymnastics Plus, Duffy + Fulginiti obtained a verdict for a New Jersey gymnastics facility which burned down due to the failure of the local utility, GPU, to maintain adequate surge protection at its transformers. GPU fought the case, unsuccessfully, through the Appellate Division and Supreme Courts of New Jersey.


This settlement was obtained on behalf of an undocumented construction worker who was injured when the scaffold he was working on tipped over.


In Nalls, Duffy + Fulginiti secured a settlement for a young, off-duty police officer who was forced off the job by injuries he received when the driver of an automobile hit him on his motorcycle, causing injuries to his face, arm, and leg.


In Ward, Duffy + Fulginiti secured this settlement for a woman who, while working at her job as a bank teller supervisor, sustained injuries and permanent nerve damage when a deliveryman knocked a heavy box off of a hand truck onto her foot and leg.


In Baird, Duffy + Fulginiti secured a settlement for a union glazier who became permanently disabled when he had to dive to get out of the way of a crate of glass being unloaded by a crane.


This confidential settlement was reached for a baby with cerebral palsy who was delivered by a midwife and nurses who failed to recognize the significance of deceleration and drop in the baseline on the fetal monitor.


A young schoolteacher suffered a traumatic brain injury after being struck in a multi-car pileup following a flash freeze involving multiple vehicles. Defendants denied wrongdoing since many vehicles were involved, and claimed that the plaintiff’s injury actually came from an accident some weeks prior. The firm’s accident reconstruction experts established that the defendant drivers were at fault, since the plaintiff’s car was positioned on the side of the road, and, had the defendants been operating at safe speeds for the weather conditions, they would have had time to react. This matter settled for $2,200,000.