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Case Example: Induction Before a Holiday

Posted on March 16, 2015

The consequences were tragic when a doctor made the decision to medically induce labor and delivery the night before a holiday so the doctor could go home and finish getting ready for out-of-town guests.

As we have previously posted, induction of labor can be done safely and with little risk, so long as the mother’s bishop’s score (pelvic score) establishes she is a safe candidate for induction of labor.

In our case, the doctor ignored the initial examination results that did not show effacement, and decided to proceed with medical induction, despite the fact that the cervix was not ripe to be induced. When labor failed to progress, she attempted to digitally stimulate the uterus, triggering a uterine rupture, and then disregarded ominous fetal tracings which should have prompted a c-section when there was still time to save the baby.

Instead, by the time the baby was delivered, the baby was severely depressed and later died. The hospital failed to have staff ready and available when the decision (albeit late) was finally made to perform an emergency c-section. The hospital insisted the doctor acted appropriately but ultimately agreed to settle when we proved through its own records and policies, that the mother was not ready to be induced.

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