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Do Certain Safety Features Stop Truck Crashes?

Heavy duty and semi-trucks are increasingly being equipped with special safety systems, however, according to a recent report, these features are not being used in all commercial trucks.

Fatal Car Crashes: The Stats as of 2023

The number of deadly car crashes in the nation is on the rise. While accidents can happen anywhere, some states are hotspots for fatal accidents.

Doctors Misdiagnose Deadly Fungal Infections

According to a new report, the failure of some doctors to recognize deadly fungal diseases is leading to deaths and complications that could have been prevented.

Fall Boating Safety Tips

With comfortable temperatures, strong winds for sailing, and the crowded waterways of the summer a memory, fall has become a popular season for boating. It’s also a time to take some extra safety precautions.

Safety Features on Planes Turned Off

New planes come standard with technology that warns pilots of runway crashes, but those features aren’t always turned on, according to a recent report.

Propane Dangers Abound

Propane is a popular fuel for cooking, heating, and industrial needs, but this highly flammable and explosive gas can be very dangerous.

Why Children Are Dying in ERs

Children face higher risks of severe health issues or even death when they receive treatment in emergency rooms ill-equipped to care for them, according to a new report.

Top Premises Liability Payouts

Property owners have an obligation to maintain their property in a safe condition so people on the property do not get hurt. Here are some costly cases where owners were held responsible for failing to do that.

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury

Our spinal cords are designed to transmit messages between our brains and our bodies. When those messages get cut off due to injury, the results can be devastating.

Ford Truck Noise Rattles Owners

Some newer Ford trucks are making noises—abnormal, ear-piercing sounds that have frightened drivers and potentially affected their hearing.