Client Stories

Many law firms boast about their numbers. We certainly get the big numbers, but to us clients are not just another number to brag about

Our clients are good, hardworking people who were surprised with unfortunate circumstances. Circumstances that come to affect everything in their family's life.

We consider it a great privilege to put our experience to work to help these people who, during the course of the case, become like family to us. Like any family, we band together to persist and work towards a goal, no matter how long it takes.

Because when all is said and done and the desired goal achieved, some of the negative effects can be alleviated, or even removed, and best of all, our clients can enjoy a return to dignity, a sense of normalcy, and a more positive future.

That is the promise and the pledge of The Duffy Firm.

Click on any of the below testimonials to learn more about who we are and how we have helped people.

Al and Bernadette Gibboni

A couple's anniversary trip is ruined by a slip and fall injury; The Duffy Firm steps in to help.

Evelyn Autry

A woman who worked in the medical field for 30 years is hit with a delayed diagnosis of cancer. She found the help she needed in The Duffy Firm.

Justice Dan McCaffery

Here's what Justice Daniel D. McCaffery has to say about Tom Duffy at his Supreme Court of Pennsylvania swearing-in ceremony.