Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents cause thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries every year and carry the potential for both criminal and civil liability. While the state may only prosecute if someone is killed or if alcohol was involved, the lack of state prosecution does not affect the ability to pursue a civil case.

Motor vehicle accidents can be caused due to unsafe driving, bad road conditions, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and automobiles with faulty or defective parts. A victim and/or his/her dependents are entitled to monetary compensation when injured by an automobile accident and may receive punitive damages in appropriate circumstances.

  • In Lewis, Duffy + Fulginiti represented a Philadelphia doctor in a five-week trial where a jury awarded $15,700,000 to the doctor and occupants of a car she had rented after an accident stripped her of the use of her left arm and her medical practice. Attorneys for a Toyota dealer under contract to provide maintenance on the vehicle argued that the client had been speeding and the car hydroplaned, but the firm prevailed in persuading jurors that it was mechanical failure due to faulty maintenance and service. The verdict was later affirmed by the PA Superior Court, then challenged and upheld in PA Supreme Court resulting in a recovery of over $19,500,000 with interest.
  • In Whittlesey, Duffy + Fulginiti obtained a $12,000,000 settlement for client Terry Whittlesey, a young man who, while a passenger in a car on his way to a vacation, was rear-ended by a commercial truck. The trucking company denied all fault associated with the accident and only agreed to the settlement after jury selection was completed and the trial was about to begin. The settlement, which was reported as one of the largest verdicts in the state that year, enabled Mr. Whittlesey to move from a trailer into a home that was specially-constructed to accommodate his ongoing physical needs.
  • A young woman on her way to work was struck from behind by a box truck and subsequently died from her injuries. Duffy + Fulginiti brought suit against the driver and his employer and successfully obtained a confidential settlement of $9,000,000 after it was shown through discovery that the corporate defendant provided little or no supervision over the driver who had repeated motor vehicle violations.
  • In Kelly, Duffy + Fulginiti settled Reverend Crawford Kelly, Jr.'s claim for $6,000,000, the full insurance policy limit available in the litigation, after Reverend Kelly’s vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer, causing his vehicle to flip and resulting in the traumatic amputation of his arm. The settlement for the incident, which occurred in New Jersey, was reported as one of the largest verdicts in the state that year.
  • Duffy + Fulginiti recovered $5,000,000 for the estate of a family whose wife/mother died when construction debris fell off the back of a passing truck, killing her instantly. She was a passenger and her husband, who was driving, witnessed the entire horrific event.
  • A confidential settlement in the amount of $4,215,000 was obtained for a man who lost control of his motorcycle, purchased just an hour before the accident, resulting in significant injuries. Duffy + Fulginiti was able to obtain a favorable settlement concerning the motorcycle and tire design with product liability theories even though the operator did not have a motorcycle license and had been in prison for 17 years preceding the incident.
  • A confidential settlement in the amount of $4,000,000 was secured for a nurse who suffered an elbow injury, resulting in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD) as a result of her vehicle being struck by a bus making an improper lane change.
  • The Mathis $3,750,000 settlement was obtained during the fourth day of trial for a man who was injured in a low-speed, low-impact crash. There was only $750 in property damage, and there was no traumatic injury established on any x-ray, MRI or other study. However, during trial, Duffy + Fulginiti, through expert research and testimony, established that the minor accident triggered a genetic condition in Mr. Mathis, then 44, known as Ankylosing Spondylitis, a condition of which Mr. Mathis was even unaware. By the time of trial, Mr. Mathis walked with a cane as his genetic condition had caused a progressive fusing of his spine.
  • In Nalls, Duffy + Fulginiti secured a $2,650,000 settlement for a young off-duty police officer who was forced off the job by injuries he received when the driver of an automobile hit him on his motorcycle, causing injuries to his face, arm and leg.
  • In one confidential matter, Duffy + Fulginiti represented a young schoolteacher who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being struck in a multi-car pileup following a flash freeze involving multiple vehicles. Defendants denied wrongdoing since many vehicles were involved, and claimed that the plaintiff’s injury actually came from an accident some weeks prior. The firm’s accident reconstruction experts established that the defendant drivers were at fault, since the plaintiff’s car was positioned on the side of the road, and, had the defendants been operating at safe speeds for the weather conditions, they would have had time to react. This matter settled for $2,200,000.
  • In Duffy, Duffy + Fulginiti obtained a $1,900,000 verdict for John Duffy, an insurance salesman, who suffered a broken hip following a motor vehicle collision with a police cruiser. The police officer contended he was in a high-speed pursuit of another vehicle, which simply did not pan out to be accurate based upon the police tapes.
  • In Pakuris, Duffy + Fulginiti obtained a $1,550,000 verdict for a veteran Philadelphia attorney who suffered a torn rotator cuff following a motor vehicle accident in Media. The attorney sought the assistance of Duffy + Fulginiti for the handling of his claim against the defense driver. The defendant contended that the insignificant impact could not have caused the total disruption of Mr. Pakuris’ rotator cuff. Duffy + Fulginiti was successful in having the defendant’s biomechanical engineer precluded from testifying based upon research against the expert that Duffy + Fulginiti had located in other States.
  • In Koppel-Klein, Duffy + Fulginiti obtained a $1,500,000 settlement for a woman whose car was broadsided by an off duty ambulance that ran a red light. She suffered multiple injuries, including a brachial plexus injury, in addition to anxiety while driving since the accident. She was self-employed and did not maintain a wage loss claim.
  • In Zook, Duffy + Fulginiti secured a $1,300,000 settlement for a man who was rear-ended while stopped at a red light, but whose car sustained little property damage. He claimed multiple injuries, including a herniated disc. Defense experts suggested that the driver who rear-ended the client was going too slow to cause such injuries and that the client’s golf game did more to hurt his back than the accident did. He suffers from ongoing pain and limitations.

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