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Large Truck Crashes on the Rise

The number of large truck crashes causing injury in the United States - according to a recent analysis of two decades of data - continues to grow.

Why Do Medication Errors Persist?

A nurse is convicted of homicide after giving a patient the wrong drug. A pharmacy intern mislabels an IV bag and a patient is left with brain injury. Why do these mistakes continue to happen? Are they preventable?

Source of Severe Birth Injuries

A new study called Canadian birth injury rates “unacceptably high.” What’s the cause, and where does the U.S. Stand in comparison?

Do Certain Safety Features Stop Truck Crashes?

Heavy duty and semi-trucks are increasingly being equipped with special safety systems, however, according to a recent report, these features are not being used in all commercial trucks.

Fatal Car Crashes: The Stats as of 2023

The number of deadly car crashes in the nation is on the rise. While accidents can happen anywhere, some states are hotspots for fatal accidents.

Doctors Misdiagnose Deadly Fungal Infections

According to a new report, the failure of some doctors to recognize deadly fungal diseases is leading to deaths and complications that could have been prevented.