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Case Example: When a Fall at Work is More than Workers’ Comp

Posted on June 17, 2019

When our client slipped and fell in a hallway at her workplace, she could have simply filed a workers’ compensation claim. But in this case, she believed there was negligence involved. That meant the injury qualified for a civil lawsuit.

At the time of the fall, our client was at her workplace – a school - preparing for the students’ return from summer vacation. A contractor was also on site installing new floors. Our client was asked by the contractor to unlock a classroom. She was not warned that the hallway leading to the classroom was coated in a transparent, slippery adhesive. She fell and sustained nerve damage, leaving her unable to work and requiring assistance 24/7.

During the proceedings leading up to the trial, it was shown that the flooring company did not utilize a safety manual nor train its employees in the use of caution tape, barricades or cones. While the defendant contractor said he put his arm out to stop our client’s fall, a witness did not corroborate that claim. The case was settled in our client’s favor for $5 million before it went to trial.

When does a work injury qualify for a lawsuit? Contact us to discuss the details of your unique situation with an experienced Philadelphia premises liability attorney.