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Construction Worker Killed on Northeast Extension

Posted on June 5, 2019

Officials investigate a fatal construction accident on the Northeast Extension (Photo courtesy WPVI TV)

A fatal construction accident reportedly occurred today along the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

While details are not yet fully available, news reports indicated that it happened mid-morning at a worksite near the Lansdale exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeast Extension, and a worker died from his injuries.

While the accident did not involve a striking vehicle, construction workers on Pennsylvania roadways face many serious hazards in their work. We recently wrote about efforts the Pennsylvania Senate is making to make Pennsylvania roadways safer for workers by putting speed cameras in active highway construction zones. Under the legislation, cameras would be placed in active work zones and will photograph vehicle license plates. Drivers exceeding the speed limit will receive warning for the first offense, and escalating fines for subsequent offenses.

If you or a loved one needs advice arising from a construction accident injury in Pennsylvania, please contact us to discuss the details and your legal options.