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Health Technology Hazards for 2022

Posted on February 14, 2022

ECRI, an independent nonprofit group, recently released its annual list of health tech hazards for 2022, according to Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry. The group uses a team of biomedical engineers, clinicians and healthcare management experts to compile the list, drawing insight from incident investigations, reporting databases and independent medical device testing.

The top ten hazards in the report were as follows:

  1. Cybersecurity attacks
  2. Supply chain shortfalls
  3. Damaged infusion pumps
  4. Inadequate emergency stockpiles
  5. Telehealth workflow and human factors
  6. Failure to adhere to syringe pump best practices
  7. Artificial Intelligence-based reconstruction (distorted images for diagnosis)
  8. Poor duodenoscope reprocessing ergonomics and workflows
  9. Disposable gowns with insufficient barrier protection
  10. Wi-Fi dropouts and dead zones

Cybersecurity attacks came in number one, as cyberattacks can shut down network-connected medical devices and data systems and interrupt care. Diverted emergency vehicles and closed care units then put patients in physical danger due to being kept from potentially lifesaving services. And, while cybersecurity is the top concern for the institutions in this study, the other nine hazards also increase the risk of harm to individual patients.

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