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How Common Are Pool Chemical Injuries?

Posted on June 10, 2024

Recently, a hotel was sued by several families who claimed they were seriously injured by chemicals in the pool. The lawsuit alleged that the hotel neglected its duty of care, ignoring safety warnings and maintaining inaccurate records.

According to the account, an employee twice added commercial-grade chemicals to a hotel pool while adults and kids were swimming. Staff did not give any warning to the swimmers or ask them to leave the pool even though the containers had clear warning labels about the dangers, which included not being added to water while people are in it. 

The swimmers experienced burning eyes, bloody noses, tightened chests, and vomiting. Several children needed medical attention. One young swimmer suffered permanent damage to her lungs and throat. A police investigation found that the hotel worker incorrectly logged the chemical treatment, recording it just once when it was done twice. 

While this sounds like an isolated occurrence, it’s more common than you think: a CDC study found that pool chemical injuries prompted 13,508 emergency room visits over a two year period. Approximately 28% of patients experienced skin irritation, 19% had chemical burns, and 39% suffered from chemical inhalation.

One malfunction sent 23 children from a Miami County pool to the hospital. The chemical dispenser unit pushed chemicals into the water when workers backflushed the system. The swimmers, ages 8-16, suffered mostly respiratory effects from sore throats and coughs to irritation of the nose and throat.

While property owners should take precautions to prevent such scenarios, pool goers should be alert to signs of contamination, which include unusual odors or discolored water. 

If you or a loved one has been injured on a property where you believe the owner was negligent to their required duty of care, consider speaking with a top premises liability attorney in Philadelphia. Contact us to set a time to meet and discuss the unique details of your situation.