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Case Example: Infection After Surgery Leads to Blindness

Posted on February 19, 2018

When a man complained of pain following eye surgery, he was told to take Tylenol with codeine. Unfortunately, the prescription did nothing to treat the serious eye infection that eventually blinded him, and in a lawsuit handled by Duffy + Partners, the man and his wife were awarded $6,000,000.

In this Philadelphia medical malpractice case against Wills Eye Hospital, the firm represented a man, who had eye surgery, and his wife. At issue were the instructions provided by the doctor when the man called the hospital post-surgery. Both parties agreed that the doctor prescribed the pain medication, but the defense contended that the doctor also urged the patient to return to the hospital as soon as possible. However, there was no notation in medical records supporting this.

When the patient returned for his previously scheduled post-op appointment six days later, he was diagnosed with a severe eye infection known as endophthalmitis and rushed into emergency surgery. Despite two additional surgeries, our client, who already had poor vision in his right eye, could only sense strong light with his left. A former forklift driver, he was left with few work options and now does entry-level work at the company where he was employed for more than 20 years.

The jury awarded compensation to the couple after hearing from after hearing from the plaintiff, his wife, an economist and a medical expert.

If you suspect that you or a loved one was a victim of medical malpractice at a Philadelphia hospital or doctor’s office, contact us to discuss your legal options.