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Latest Research on Spinal Cord Injury Improvements

Posted on October 17, 2022

Researchers were recently able to stimulate motor and sensory growth in mice with spinal injuries, potentially paving the way for similar results in humans. While there’s no effective treatment to reverse such injuries, this study at London’s Imperial College posed the possibility of future improvements.

In the experiment, researchers treated adult mice with spinal cord injuries with an epigenetic activator. Epigenetics turn genes on and off. The mice were injected once weekly for 12 weeks, and the treatment resulted in increased motor and sensory impulses in the spinal cord and also increased activity in the junctions between neurons.

Scientific advances to date, however groundbreaking, have not shown a return to full pre-injury mobility and living with a spinal cord injury can come with a great deal of hardship. Sometimes, being able to invest in the best physical and emotional care and support can make all the difference in the world. Tom Duffy has obtained 8-figure verdicts for people who have suffered spinal cord injuries in Philadelphia.

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