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PA Snowplow Shortage Could Pose Trouble

Posted on December 13, 2021

As winter weather descends upon the northeast, Pennsylvania is struggling to recruit snowplow and salt truck drivers, according to an article in USA Today. There hasn’t been a snowplow driver shortage like this in 30 years, according to an administrator at the Michigan Department of Transportation, another state facing similar hiring challenges. A nationwide labor shortage and high competition for workers with commercial driver’s licenses are to blame, reported the article.

Unpaved roadways and parking lots present a safety hazard in Pennsylvania, which typically receives its share of snowy and icy conditions in winter. Without enough snowplow drivers, snow and ice could remain longer and present the “perfect storm” mix of conditions for slips, falls and injuries. Property owners who fail to clear their sidewalks also present a hazard. Falls on a snowy or icy sidewalk or in a business parking lot can cause severe injuries.

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