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Philadelphia Landlords Try to Avoid Paying for Property Injuries

Posted on May 6, 2021

Reports on a recent study of Philadelphia leases revealed that landlords use illegal clauses in an attempt to avoid responsibility for injuries caused by negligence on their property. In the study, two professors from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University reviewed 170,000 residential leases and found clauses that contradicted state or federal law.

Specifically, landlords tried to disclaim liability for negligence. Under federal law, they must provide safe living conditions. If the residence is not up to code, and tenants are injured, landlords are responsible—even if their lease claims they are not. This responsibility is known legally as the “duty of care,” as we reported in a previous blog about slips and falls at a rental property.

The article also covered other unenforceable clauses, such as “as is” clauses, renting a residence without hot water, locks or other basics, and waiving the notice that landlords are required to give tenants if they breach the lease. Landlords also may not impose penalties for tenants staying beyond their lease agreement or evict tenants if illegal activity occurs on the premises.

If you or a loved one was injured on a property and you believe there was negligence involved, consider discussing your claim with an experienced premises liability attorney in Philadelphia.