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Propane Dangers Abound

Posted on October 9, 2023

Propane is a popular fuel for cooking, heating, and industrial needs, but this highly flammable and explosive gas can be very dangerous.

A Tennessee home was recently destroyed by a propane explosion, tragically killing a woman and destroying two nearby homes. In another incident in Minnesota, a woman and her son suffered burns over large portions of their body when a propane tank exploded inside their cabin. In Maine, a propane explosion destroyed a house and injured four people. And in New Jersey, a man escaped a propane explosion in his bedroom only to die later from his injuries. Tragic and horrific stories like these happen regularly.

Knowing how to handle propane safely can help prevent a tragedy. Backyard grillers may purchase tanks with blue caps, which indicate that they have been inspected and the tank is full. Propane users should ensure the tanks are not overfull and store them outside in case of a leak. Whenever handling propane, chemical resistant gloves should be used, even if you’re just opening the valve. When purchasing propane, ensure that the worker filling the tank is certified, and double check the date on the tank.

Our firm made history with a record-setting $160 million settlement to victims of a propane tank explosion inside a food truck. We worked for years to prove that the propane seller was at fault. If you or a loved one were injured in a propane tank accident in Pennsylvania or the surrounding region, please share your story with us. We are experienced in litigating lawsuits involving explosions and burn injuries.

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