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Recall Roll Call: April, 2023

Posted on May 1, 2023

Recalls happen more often than you may think. Knowing the products that could be dangerous can help you stay safe. Here’s a quick recap of the major recalls for April 2023.


This game features wooden play pieces, one of which has a small metal rivet that can detach. If it does, it poses a choking hazard to young children. There have been 4 reports of the rivet coming loose, outside of the U.S. but no injuries have been reported. IKEA is offering a refund.

Units affected: 25,000

Sold: IKEA stores and online at IKEA.com from October 2022 through March 2023

For more information: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/customer-service/product-support/recalls/ or (888) 966-4532

Lil Anglers Children’s Fishing Rods

The rods contain levels of lead that exceed the federal standard, and may be toxic if ingested. The company is offering a full refund and/or replacement. No injuries have been reported.

Units affected: 78,500

Sold: Academy Sports and Outdoors, Bass Pro Shops and Dick’s Sporting Goods and other specialty sporting goods stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com and Lil Anglers website https://profishiency.com/kidca... from January 2021 through March 2023

For more information: https://www.kidcastersrecall.com or (844) 347-4543

Luxor Workspaces Audiovisual Carts

The audiovisual carts can be unstable when loaded with heavy objects, and pose a tip-over hazard to children. Three children have died and one was seriously injured. The company is offering a free repair. Warning stickers, showing the maximum weight at 25 lbs. per shelf, also will be provided.

Units affected: 84,700

Sold: The carts subject to this recall have been sold since at least the early 1980s through various websites including Amazon, 123Stores, Grainger, and others

For more information: https://luxorworkspaces.com/recall or (800) 323-4656

Moen Flo Battery Back-Up for Flo Smart Water Monitors

The battery back-up is an optional accessory designed to provide power for the Flo Smart Water Monitors in the event of an outage. The lithium-ion battery can overheat, posing a fire hazard. There have been 3 reports of fires, some property damage, but no injuries. The company will provide instructions on how to disable the battery pack.

Units affected: 10,000

Sold: Lowe’s, The Home Depot and other stores nationwide and online including at Amazon.com from August 2019 through November 2022

For more information: https://www.moen.com/product-safety-recalls/flo-lithium-ion-battery-backup-model-920-001 or (844) 633-8356

Rollerblade USA Youth In-Line Skates

The brake support can separate, causing the skates to be unstable and posing a fall risk. There have been 11 reports of the separations, but no injuries. The company is offering a free replacement.

Units affected: 13,400

Sold: Inline Warehouse, Paragon Athletic Goods, REI other sporting goods stores and Rollerblade Fury Inline Skate dealers nationwide and online at www.amazon.com, www.dickssportinggoods.com, www.inlinewarehouse.com and www.rollerblade.com from May 2020 through March 2023

For more information: https://www.rollerblade.com/usa/en/fury-recall or (866) 734-5708

Stanley Black & Decker Sledgehammers

The company has recalled its DeWALT, Stanley and Craftsman sledgehammers because the head can loosen and detach during use, posting an impact injury hazard. There have been 192 reports of the head detaching, and 2 impact injuries to the face and head. The company is offering a full refund.

Units affected: 2.2 million

Sold: The Home Depot, ACE Hardware and other hardware stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com, Homedepot.com, and AceHardware.com and other online sellers from November 2013 through November 2022

For more information: https://www.stanleyblackanddecker.com/brands/product-safety/product-recall or (855) 418-3032

Vornado Steamfast and Brookstone Travel Steam Irons

The power cord can overheat, causing fire and burn hazards. There have been 50 reports of incidents, but no injuries. The company is offering a refund.

Units affected: 317,000

Sold: Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and other stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com, Vornado.com, Steamfast.com, and other online retailers from January 2009 through May 2018 and Brookstone between 2009 and 2013

For more information: https://www.steamfast.com/recalls/travelirons or (866) 827-3362

To see additional recalls by the Food and Drug Administration, click here.

Life-changing injuries and tragedies occur due to risky ingredients and errors made by manufacturers. If you have a question about what you believe may be a harmful or faulty product that may have caused injury, it may help to speak with a leading Philadelphia product liability attorney.