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Recall Roll Call: December, 2022

Posted on December 31, 2022

Recalls happen more often than you may think. Knowing the products that could be dangerous can help you stay safe. Here’s a quick recap of the major recalls for December 2022.

3M Scotch Thermal Laminators

These laminators can overheat, posting a fire hazard.

Units affected: 516,500

Sold: Walmart, Staples, Costco and other stores nationwide and online at Walmart.com, Amazon.com and Staples.com from April 2014 through October 2022

For more information: http://www.scotchbrand.com/3M/en_US/scotch-brand/tl1302-laminator-recall/ or (800) 772-4337

Aduro Surge Protectors

These surge protectors are prone to shock and fire hazards.

Units affected: 51,750

Sold: www.walmart.com, www.woot.com, www.amazon.com, www.aduroproducts.com and www.groupon.com from January 2020 through August 2022

For more information: https://www.aduroproducts.com/pages/productrecall or (877) 522-3876

Art of Green Laundry Detergent

The detergent may contain bacteria that is harmful to people with weakened immune systems.

Units affected: 14,550

Sold: Save Mart, Lucky and Food Maxx regional stores and online at Amazon.com from April 2022 through October 2022

For more information: https://artofgreenalert.com or (800) 615-3191

Conair Cuisinart Compact Blender & Juice Extractor

The nut holding the blender blade can come loose and detach during use. This presents a laceration hazard for consumers. There have been three reports of the blender blade becoming detached, and in one instance, the blade perforated the blender container.

Units affected: 66,000

Sold: Crate & Barrel and other department, gourmet and specialty stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com, Macys.com, Kohls.com and other online retailers from November 2021 through August 2022

For more information: http://www.cuisinart.com/recall/CBJ-450 or (877) 339-2534

Cordless Window Shades Battery Packs

Manufactured by Ningbo Doova Mechanic & Electronic Technology Co., the battery packs can overheat and present a fire hazard.

Units affected: 56,000

Sold: 3 Day Blinds, Budget Blinds, Blinds to Go, The Shade Store and other window treatment stores and online at Blinds.com from March 2021 through March 2022

For more information: www.battery-recall.com or (888) 943-2391

Good Matters Three-Wick Candles

The candles can burn at high temperatures, causing the jars to break. This can pose fire and laceration hazards, as well as property damage.

Units affected: 30,100

Sold: Bealls, Gabriel Brothers, Homegoods, and Tuesday Morning stores nationwide and online at www.amazon.com and www.goodmatterscandles.com from December 2021 through August 2022

For more information: http://www.goodmatterscandles.com/recall or (888) 470-4276

Kubota Utility Vehicles

The steering shaft can shear off, causing the driver to lose steering control. This poses a potential danger of injuries and collisions.

Units affected: 19,500

Sold: Authorized Kubota dealers nationwide from June 2018 through October 2022

For more information: https://www.kubotausa.com/contact/form or (888) 458-2682

Laundress Laundry Detergent and Household Cleaning Products

The detergent and cleaning products may contain bacteria, which can be hazardous to people with weakened immune systems, and those with external medical devices and underlying lung conditions.

Units affected: 8 million

Sold: Online at TheLaundress.com, Amazon.com, and additional websites and in stores at The Laundress, Bloomingdale’s, The Container Store, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, Nordstrom, Jenni Kayne, Kith, Peruvian Connection, N.Peal, Brooklinen, and other major retailers nationwide, through September 2022

For more information: http://www.TheLaundressRecall.com or (800) 681-1915

Nova Medical Home Bed Rails

The bed rails pose a serious entrapment hazard and risk of death by asphyxiation.

Units affected: 20,000

Sold: AdaptHealth, San Diego Medical Supply, Bellevue Healthcare, CareLinc Medical Equipment & Supply and medical supply stores nationwide from January 2019 through November 2022

For more information: http://www.novajoy.com/recall-information or (800) 557-6682

Pacific Cycle Pacific Kids’ Igniter and Pacific Bubble Pop Bicycles

The handlebar can come loose, which poses a fall risk. There have been 23 reports of loose handlebars, and 10 injuries.

Units affected: 147,000

Sold: Target stores nationwide and online at www.target.com from July 2020 through September 2022

For more information: https://www.pacific-cycle.com/safety-notices-recalls/ or (877) 564-2261

Samsung Top-Load Washer

The washing machines can short-circuit and overheat, which poses a fire hazard. A software update is needed to prevent the hazard. The company has received 51 reports of overheating, smoking or fire. Ten incidents resulted in property damage.

Units affected: 663.500

Sold: Best Buy, Costco, The Home Depot, Lowe’s and other appliance stores nationwide and online at Samsung.com from June 2021 through December 2022

For more information: http://www.samsung.com or (833) 916-4555

SIMU Awning and Shutter Motors

In the manual override setting, the power cable can disconnect. This can pose a potential electric shock or electrocution hazard.

Units affected: 13,800

Sold: SIMU authorized dealers, installers and contractors from March 2018 through June 2022

For more information: http://www.simu.com/us/dmi6hzrecall or (855) 944-5598

Surf 9 Body Glove Tandem and ULI Inflatable Paddle Boards

The glue on these boards can separate at the seams, which presents a drowning hazard when the boards deflate.

Units affected: 13,300

Sold: Costco warehouses nationwide and online at Costco.com from December 2021 through July 2022

For more information: https://www.surf9.com/recallandproductnotices or (866) 696-9257

Sundance Spas Jacuzzi and Hot Tub

The sensor can display incorrect water temperatures, posing a burn hazard. There have been 185 reports of inaccurate temperature readings.

Units affected: 23,700

Sold: Authorized Sundance Spas or Jacuzzi Hot Tubs dealers nationwide from July 2021 through December 2022

For more information: https://www.sundancespas.com/en-us/recall.html or (800) 549-1502

Target Children’s Pillowfort Weighted Blankets

A child can become trapped inside the unzipped blanket, posing a danger of death by asphyxiation. Four children have been trapped in the blankets, resulting in two deaths.

Units affected: 204,000

Sold: Target stores nationwide and online at www.target.com from December 2018 through September 2022

For more information: http://www.target.com/ or (800) 440-0680

Target Cloud Island 4-Piece Plush Toy Sets

The tires on the vehicles can detach, presenting a choking hazard.

Units affected: 23,400

Sold: Target stores nationwide and online at www.target.com from March 2022 through August 2022

For more information: http://www.target.com/ or (800) 440-0680

ZLINE Gas Ranges

The oven emits dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, which can lead to injury or death from carbon monoxide poisoning. The company has received 44 reports of carbon monoxide emissions including three reports where consumers sought medical attention. Owners should stop using the oven and schedule a free repair from the company.

Units affected: 28,000

Sold: Best Buy, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, The Range Hood Store stores nationwide and online at www.bestbuy.com, www.build.com, www.costco.com, www.homedepot.com, www.therangehoodstore.com, www.overstock.com and www.wayfair.com. The gas ranges were sold from February 2019 through December 2022.

For more information: https://zlinekitchen.com/recalls or (888) 359-4482

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