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Recall Roll Call: January 2024

Posted on January 31, 2024

Recalls happen more often than you may think. Knowing the products that could be dangerous can help you stay safe. Here’s a quick recap of the major recalls for January 2024.

Alliance4Safety Tip-over Restraint Kits for Plastic New Age Furniture

The zip ties in the tip-over restraint kits can become brittle and break, posing a tip-over and entrapment hazard and potential serious injury and/or death to children. This applies to kits included with clothing storage units manufactured starting November 2019 or later. Consumers should contact the company for a free replacement tip-over restraint kit and keep children away from the furniture until the new restraint is in place.

Units affected: Millions

Sold: Furniture stores nationwide and online from November 2019 through present

For more information: http://www.alliance4safety.org/new-age-recall or (855) 416-7370

Bell Sports Adult Bicycle Helmets

Bell Sports is recalling its popular Bell Slope Adult bicycle helmets because they do not meet CPSC federal safety standards and could fail to protect the rider’s head in the event of a crash. The strap anchor can become dislodged when enough force is applied. The company is offering a full refund. 

Units affected: 11,000

Sold: Target, Fred Meyer, Academy, other stores nationwide and other websites from January 2023 through April 2023

For more information: http://www.thebellgarage.com or (800) 456-2355

Home Design Upholstered Low Profile Standard and Platform Beds

The beds have been known to break, sag, or collapse, posing a fall risk and injury hazard to users. There have been 128 reports of the beds breaking, sagging, or collapsing, including 36 injuries. The company is offering free replacement slats and side rails. To get the free repair, consumers must send the label or proof of purchase.

Units affected: 527,177

Sold: Wayfair, Walmart.com, and Overstock.com from July 2018 through November 2023

For more information: http://www.homedesign-us.com/recall or (833) 383-2967

Homedics Massagers

The massagers can overheat while they are charging, which poses fire and burn hazards to users. There have been 17 reports of massagers overheating, which include burn injury. The company is offering a full refund. 

Units affected: 46,000

Sold: Macy’s, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Lowe’s, JCPenney, The Home Depot and other stores nationwide and online at Homedics.com, Macys.com, BJs.com, Lowes.com, HomeDepot.com and Amazon.com from September 2020 through November 2023

For more information: https://recall.homedics.com/HHP-715 or (800) 466-3342

Lancaster Table & Seating Brand Allegro Plastic Side Chairs

The chairs can break apart while in use, which poses a fall hazard. The company has received 16 reports of the chairs breaking and 2 reports of injuries. Consumers should contact the company for a full refund or store credit. 

Units affected: 53,800

Sold: Clark Pro and Clark National Accounts nationwide and online at www.webstaurantstore.com and www.therestaurantstore.com from November 2020 through August 2023

For more information: https://www.lancastertableandseating.com/recalls/allegro-side-chair-recall/ or (844) 895-5694

Retrospec Kid’s Bike Helmets

The helmets do not comply with CPSC federal safety requirements and therefore may fail to protect the rider’s head in the event of a crash. The company is offering a full refund.

Units affected: 72,000

Sold: T Scheels, Play it Again Sports, and independent bicycle stores nationwide and online at Retrospec.com and Amazon.com from February 2019 through March 2023

For more information: https://retrospec.com/pages/retrospec-scout-recall or (888) 488-2369

Toyota and GM Vehicles with Takata Airbags

Toyota issued an urgent “do not drive” warning for 2003-2004 Toyota Corolla compact cars and Matrix hatchbacks and 2004-2005 RAV4 models. Similarly, GM issues a warning for its 2003-2004 Pontiac Vibes. The Takata airbags in these vehicles are more likely to explode as they age. To date the faulty airbags have killed 26 people. Owners should seek immediate repairs but should not drive the car. Contact the dealer to coordinate vehicle drop-off via tow truck.

Units affected: 61,000

Sold: Toyota and General Motors dealerships

For more information: nhtsa.gov/recalls and enter the 17-digit VIN 

Yaomiao Children’s Rhinestone Silver Tiara

The rhinestones in the tiara contain levels of lead that exceed the federal standard and could cause adverse health effects if ingested by young children. Consumers should take away the tiaras from children and contact the company for a full refund. 

Units affected: 12,440

Sold: Amazon.com from January 2021 through November 2023 

For more information: https://www.amazon.com/s?me=A1ISSCMO2YO2PL&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER

To see additional recalls by the Food and Drug Administration, click here.

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