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Recall Roll Call: October 2023

Posted on November 1, 2023

Recalls happen more often than you may think. Knowing the products that could be dangerous can help you stay safe. Here’s a quick recap of the major recalls for October 2023.

Best Buy Insignia Pressure Cookers

Due to incorrect volume markings on the inner pot, consumers can overfill the pot. This can result in hot food and liquid ejected when the pressure cooker is vented, posing a risk of burns. There have been 31 reports of the cooker expelling contents, including 17 burn injuries, some of which involved second-degree and serious burns. Best Buy is offering a free replacement of the inner pot and a floating locking valve.

Units affected: 930,000

Sold: Best Buy stores nationwide and online at www.bestbuy.com and www.amazon.com from October 2017 through June 2023

For more information: https://www.recallrtr.com/pc

Candy Dynamics Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candies

The rolling ball in the candy can dislodge, presenting a choking hazard. There have been two reports of the ball detaching but no injuries. Parents should take the candies away from children. The company is offering a full refund for products that have candy remaining in them.

Units affected: 70 million

Sold: Walmart, Five Below and other stores nationwide, and online at amazon.com, CandyDynamics.com and other websites from June 2015 through July 2023

For more information: http://www.candydynamicsrecall.expertinquiry.com or (877) 546-0483

Cocco Candy and KGR Distribution Candy Rolling Candy

The candy’s rolling ball can detach, posing a choking hazard. The company has received one report of a death of a seven-year-old, who choked on the ball. Parents should take the candy away from their children and contact the company for a full refund.

Units affected: 145,800

Sold: Stores nationwide and online at www.kgrcandies.com from May 2022 through March 2023

For more information: http://www.kgrcandies.com or (888) 802-8823

Curio Capri Blue Pet Products

The pet products contain bacteria that can cause serious infection in some people, including those with weakened immune systems. There have been 11 reported infections, and the company is investigating whether there is a connection to the recalled products. The company is offering a full refund.

Units affected: 59,000

Sold: Specialty stores and online at http://www.capri-blue.com from June 2023 through August 2023

For more information: http://www.CBPetCareRecall.com or (877) 748-7141

Dorel Juvenile Group Cosco Jump, Spin & Play Activity Center

The straps on the activity center can break when the child is inside it, posing a fall risk. There have been 141 reports of the straps breaking or detaching, and 38 reports of minor injuries such as bumps, bruises, and scratches. The company is offering a free replacement upon proof that the consumer has cut the straps.

Units affected: 115,700

Sold: Exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide and online at Walmart.com from November 2020 through October 2023

For more information: https://www.coscokids.com/ or (877) 657-9546

The FORT Children’s Play Tents

Magnets in the fort can detach, posing a potential choking hazard and laceration danger. There have been 17 reports of loose or detached magnets that caused laceration injuries to two adults and a pinched finger to one child. The firm is no longer in business and so there is no refund available. Consumers should dispose of the recalled tents.

Units affected: 13,250

Sold: Online at www.getthefort.com and www.zulily.com from July 2021 through November 2022

For more information: (800) 638-2772

Fortress Safe Biometric Gun Safe

The lock on these gun safes can be opened by unauthorized users. There have been 39 incidents of consumers reporting their safes were accessed by unpaired fingerprints. One instance alleges that a 12-year-old boy died from a gun obtained from one of these safes. Consumers should stop using the biometric reader and remove the batteries. The company is offering a free replacement safe.

Units affected: 61,000

Sold: Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Scheel’s, Sportsman’s Guide, Optics Planet, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gander, Rural King, Lowe’s and other stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com and Ebay.com from January 2019 through October 2023

For more information: https://www.fortresssafe.com/biometric-product-recall.html or (833) 588-9181

Future Motion Onewheel Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

The boards can stop balancing the rider when its limits are exceeded, posing a crash hazard. There have been four reported deaths from head trauma where riders were not wearing a helmet. There also have been dozens of reported injuries including traumatic brain injury, concussion, paralysis, upper and lower body fractures, and ligament damage. The company is offering a firmware update and for some models, a prorated refund in the form of a store credit.

Units affected: 300,000

Sold: online at www.onewheel.com and other websites and at independent shops nationwide from January 2014 through September 2023

For more information: https://recall.onewheel.com or (800) 283-7943

Little Sleepies Sleepyhead Loveys and Bandana Bibs

The labels on these items can detach, posing a choking hazard. There have been two reports of the labels detaching but no injuries. Consumers may either remove the care instruction label or return the loveys or bibs to the company for a full refund.

Units affected: 450,000

Sold: Online at www.littlesleepies.com and at boutique stores nationwide from February 2021 through September 2023

For more information: https://www.littlesleepies.com/pages-recall or (866) 330-3353

Rene Rofe Children’s Blanket Sleepers and Hooded Robes

The sleepers and robes fail to meet federal flammability standards, presenting a potential burn risk to children. The company is offering a full refund.

Units affected: 38,700

Sold: Online at Amazon.com, Fashionnova.com, Ruelala.com and at children’s clothing stores nationwide from November 2021 through January 2023

For more information: https://www.renerofe.com/pages/recall or (877) 623-2536

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Troublesome Trucks

The trucks contain a high-powered magnet that connects one train to another, which can become detached. This connector piece poses choking and ingestion hazards. There has been one report of a detached connector, but no injuries. The company is offering a full refund.

Units affected: 21,000

Sold: Online at Amazon.com and other websites and at Barnes & Noble and specialty stores nationwide from February 2022 through August 2023

For more information: https://www.service.mattel.com/us/recall.aspx or (855) 853-6224

To see additional recalls by the Food and Drug Administration, click here.

Life-changing injuries and tragedies occur due to risky ingredients and errors made by manufacturers. If you have a question about what you believe may be a harmful or faulty product that may have caused injury, it may help to speak with a leading Philadelphia product liability attorney.