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States Most Affected by Medical Malpractice

Posted on February 5, 2024

While medical malpractice cases are filed throughout the country each year, some states see more claims than others. Forbes Advisor recently analyzed the numbers.

Researchers examined data from 2017 through the first half of 2023, evaluating states based on both adverse action reports (when action was taken against a physician, dentist, or other healthcare provider) and medical malpractice payments or payouts.

Pennsylvania ranked third in the report, with 4,822 medical malpractice payments and a payout of $15,685,414,100. New Jersey ranked fifth with 3,390 medical malpractice payments and a payout of $11,600,581,160. Delaware ranked sixteenth with 182 medical malpractice payments and a payout of $571,982,430. Interestingly, New York, which ranked overall in sixth place behind New Jersey, had total malpractice payments that were more than Pennsylvania and New Jersey combined. 

Pennsylvania also ranked third in the total number of adverse action reports, at 9,431. New Jersey was fifth at 5,498. 

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