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Summer Safety Check Reveals Top Truck Violations

Posted on May 24, 2019

As we head into a traditionally busy weekend of road travel and summer vacation trips, many are focused on the fun ahead. However, a look back to a summer safety inspection blitz report last year reveals that some trucking and bus companies were putting their vehicles on the road despite having serious safety violations.

Over three days in June, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted a Safety Roadcheck across North America. The crew completed 67,502 roadside inspections and found safety violations with nearly 12,000 trucks and buses, and more than 2,500 drivers, placing them out of service.

Here were the top vehicle violations:

The top driver violations were:

Violations like these can cause serious accidents and even death. If you suspect an accident involving you or a loved one was caused by negligence, it may help to talk to an experienced trucking accident attorney in Philadelphia to learn your legal options. Contact us anytime to set up a time to discuss your unique situation.