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Bunk Bed Recalls and Injuries: The Stats

Posted on July 24, 2023

We shared some alarming statistics about bunk beds earlier this year, including the most recent mass recall. But just how often are bunk beds recalled for falls or other hazards? Quite a bit, actually.

On average, there are 36,000 reported injuries annually related to bunk beds. Note - those are just the ones reported. Three-quarters of children who fall from bunk beds are hurt, and half of all injuries occur with kids ages 6 and under. Students aged 18-21 also make up a large portion. What is the impact of these injuries?

A study by the National Library of Medicine showed 27,504 children, ages 9 and under, were treated in the ER for bunk bed injuries during a four-year period (2001-2004). The majority, 23,080, were fall-related. Fractures were the most common injury, accounting for 28 percent. Cuts and bruises followed at 22.8 percent and 21.3 percent respectively. The head/neck and arm/hand were frequent body parts affected. Boys are injured more than girls, and they were more likely to experience concussion, laceration, or internal injury.

So, what steps can you take to be safe?

  1. Make sure your bunk bed has side rails that measure at least 5 inches above the mattress.
  2. Check that gaps in the side rails are 3.5 inches or smaller.
  3. Do not put a child under 6 in a bunk bed.
  4. Make sure your bunk bed is tested for safety by a CPSC-accepted third party. The manufacturer or importer must issue a Children’s Product Certificate to show the bunk bed complies with the statutes, regulations, rules, standards, and bans enforced by the CPSC.

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