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Hot Spots for Philadelphia Carjackings

Posted on September 19, 2022

Crime resulting in personal attacks and injury can happen anywhere in Philadelphia, but a recent ABC News report shared that there are some places and instances where they seem to be more likely to occur.

At the time of the report, Philadelphia Police Department reports cited 946 actual and attempted carjackings in 2022. That number was up from 847 in 2021. The greatest number of carjackings are happening in the 22nd District, the lower end of the 15th District, and the 24th and 25th in the East Division. Often, carjackings target drivers in parked cars, who get in their vehicles but then wait to drive off or who stay there after they park.

National Insurance Crime Bureau statistics indicate that common places for carjackings include stop lights, residential driveways, self-serve gas stations, and parking garages. Also, nearly 75 percent of all carjackings involve the use of a gun or other deadly weapon.

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