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How to Avoid Boating Accidents this Summer

Posted on April 10, 2023

With summer comes lots of boating activity. These seven tips generated from past insurance claims can help ensure that you are fully ready for safe operation of your boat this season:

  1. Take a course. In boating accidents that involved injuries and deaths, the majority of boaters had no formal training, and only 6% completed a state-approved boating safety course. Visit BoatUS.org/Free to find a free course near you.
  1. Practice skills on the water. Collisions were the third most common type of boat accident. Honing your maneuvering skills can help you avoid potential collisions.
  1. Watch videos. There’s a comprehensive library on nearly every boating subject available at BoatUS.org.
  1. Read the classics. While there are many instructional boating books to choose from, here are two rather definitive works: “Amalgamated International and U.S. Inland Navigation Rules” and “Chapman Piloting and Seamanship.”
  1. Read your manuals. You may be tempted to stow your manual away in your boat, but learning about your boat’s useful features and how often it should be serviced to stay safe can save you from a future costly mistake.
  1. Know your knots. Mastering a few basic knots can save you a lot of trouble if you need to hitch your boat in the dark, and generally prevent your dock line from coming off.
  1. Learn first aid. The more that you know about how to treat common injuries, the better. The Red Cross and American Heart Association are two organizations that offer first aid courses.

Negligence or mechanical malfunctions are common reasons for boating accidents. If you or someone you love was injured in a boating accident and believe that negligence was a factor, please contact us. Having a better understanding of your legal options may help.