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Pilot Errors Caused by Pandemic

Posted on February 5, 2021

Limited travel demand due to COVID-19 has kept pilots out of the cockpit for prolonged periods of time, resulting in minor errors upon their return to flying, according to a recent Fox Business report. An anonymous report detailed a rash of small errors made by otherwise experienced pilots.

Errors ranged from forgetting to activate anti-icing mechanisms to damaging a towing vehicle when pulling away from the gate. One pilot tried three times before successfully landing a jet on a windy day. While these and other errors did not cause an aviation disaster, they did signal the need for practice and procedural review. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many airline staffers were furloughed, pilots included. According to the article, American and United furloughed about 32,000 employees. Southwest continues to offer voluntary leave.

Experts note that the system of checks and balances pilots regularly perform in flying helps to maintain safety and prevent aviation disasters. Not only do pilots have another individual in the cockpit for backup, but they must also consistently follow a cyclical series of procedures that often help catch any potential mistakes. As a result, Airlines for America, an industry association, calls commercial air travel “the safest form of transportation in the world.”

Sometimes in-flight errors are not minor. If you have lost a loved one in an place accident, and you believe that negligence was involved, contact an experienced aviation disaster attorney in Philadelphia.