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Report: Product Recalls Increase, But Injuries Don’t Decrease

Posted on February 20, 2023

From gas stoves to treadmills, faulty products continue to cause harm. Recalls are up 33% from 2021-22, and are at the highest rate since 2016, yet injuries and deaths are still common, say recent reports.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued 292 product recalls in 2022 and 30 in January alone of this year, including at least one second alert. However, it may take time for the alerts to translate into awareness for consumers, who may not have heard about the recall or don’t realize it applies to them. In some cases, it takes months or even years to recall a product, as companies don’t always respond to safety threats immediately. In the meantime, people then use faulty products and become injured or killed by them.

Lastly, as CPSC has authority over more than 15,000 types of products, it can be difficult to reach every affected consumer, particularly those who have not registered contact information with a company. One way of staying informed is The Duffy Firm's monthly “Recall Roll Call” alert: a list of the top announced product recalls in the country.

Life-changing injuries and tragedies occur due to risky ingredients and errors made by manufacturers. If you have a question about what you believe may be a harmful or faulty product that may have caused injury, it may help to speak with a leading Philadelphia product liability attorney.