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Safety Concerns Raised in Wake of Amazon Crashes

Posted on March 25, 2024

There’s some risky driving being observed with Amazon delivery vans, but Amazon may not be held accountable, according to a recent news report. That’s due to the business model built by Amazon, which outsources its drivers. The delivery service partners, or DSPs, are not employed by Amazon, shielding the company from liability when there are crashes, injuries or even deaths.

The new report recounted a number of accidents in the Philadelphia area and shared some of the stories. In one instance, a woman was struck by an Amazon van while crossing the street in South Philadelphia. The driver, who blew through a stop sign, had a history of reckless driving. The victim suffered multiple fractures and injuries to her legs, neck, and back. She’s suing both Amazon and CJB Logistics, the DSP, for damages.

In another instance, a Philadelphia resident’s beloved border collie was killed by an Amazon driver - a hit-and-run in her driveway where the driver sped off. The company paid for the vet bills and for a new dog, but the money doesn’t come close to easing the family’s emotional pain.

The news report noted that, because Amazon puts pressure on its DSPs to make deliveries within certain time frames to meet deadlines, it could lead to reckless driving. Additionally, the DSPs are allegedly not being vetted for prior careless driving convictions. As a result, the company is facing increasing scrutiny for its role in these crashes.

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