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The Dangers of Working in PA Construction Zones

Posted on May 9, 2022

Photo courtesy of PennDOT

The spring season brings construction work to Pennsylvania roadways, and resulting dangers for those workers, noted PennDOT in its commemoration of Work Zone Awareness Week last month. Working just a few feet from drivers traveling at high rates of speed who may also be distracted puts workers at an almost constant risk of injury and death.

There were 1,617 work zone crashes last year, resulting in 15 worker deaths, according to PennDOT. In 2020, similarly, there were 1,412 work zone crashes, resulting in 15 fatalities. Since 1970, 90 PennDOT workers have died in work zone accidents. The Pennsylvania Turnpike has lost 45 workers since 1940. When drivers do not pay attention to construction signage, respect speed limits or maintain safe distances, tragedies can happen.

Construction accidents happen every day all over Pennsylvania. However, some work-related injuries are actually preventable. When such an injury is caused by negligence or disregard of the traffic laws designed to protect construction workers, you may be entitled to additional funds beyond Workers’ Compensation payments. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the details of your unique situation.