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Theft Trends Have Retail Workers Living in Fear

Posted on March 11, 2024

Organized theft is on the rise at retail stores, putting workers at increased risk. Stores lost $112.1 billion to retail theft in 2022 and projections indicate shoplifting may cost retailers over $140 billion in 2025. With little control over security measures, store employees find themselves having to choose between personal safety and a paycheck. 

One case in point is the manager of a New Jersey Gap clothing store that left the job she loved due to threats of violence, personal attacks, and theft. The store was the target of frequent thefts of large quantities of merchandise and the manager herself was physically and verbally assaulted during one of the robberies. Gap management reportedly denied her requests for additional cameras and other security measures. 

Additionally, a Walmart contractor in Texas was awarded $4.3 million after he suffered a broken ankle and head injury from colliding with a shoplifter who was fleeing the store, and a Colorado woman is in the process of suing Circle K for an incident where she stopped a knife-wielding man from trying to steal cigarettes and was fired her for “mishandling the situation.”

Owners of private property have a responsibility to protect visitors, patrons and employees. If you have been hurt at work due to a violent crime, you may be able to receive compensation for those injuries outside of workers’ compensation. Please contact us to discuss what happened and see if an experienced Philadelphia negligent security attorney can help.