Verdicts + Settlements


The Duffy Firm recovered $3,300,000 in a confidential settlement for a minor who was injured in a serious motor vehicle accident that also involved unique premises liability claims against the commercial establishment where the accident took place.


In a confidential settlement, The Duffy Firm recovered $3,000,000 for a 60-year-old physician who twisted her ankle due to a sidewalk that measured to be a one-half inch offset from the surrounding sidewalk. This condition caused our client to break her ankle, resulting in surgery and post-traumatic arthritis.


Our client, a young mother in her 30's, had sought care from several successive doctors to correct lower back and related abdominal pain. After following the advice of the doctors and enduring multiple “corrective” surgeries, she received no relief whatsoever. Rib cage-related neuralgia, costochondritis, musculoskeletal pain, failed back surgery syndrome, thoracotomy syndrome, and graft site pain left her unable to return to her full-time responsibilities as a nursing supervisor. The Duffy Firm secured In a confidential $3,000,000 settlement to offset her future wage losses and medical care.


In Gymnastics Plus, a $3,000,000 verdict was obtained for a New Jersey recreational facility that was destroyed in a fire. The Duffy Firm argued that the fire would not have occurred had the local utility company maintained adequate surge protection at its transformers. The utility blamed the fire on an electrician doing work on the transformer and fought the case unsuccessfully through appellate courts and the Supreme Court of New Jersey.


The Duffy Firm recovered $2,900,000 for a minor who was injured when an erratic commercial van struck her, fracturing bones in both of her lower extremities.


The Duffy Firm obtained a $2,900,000 settlement on behalf of an undocumented construction worker who was injured when the scaffold he was working on tipped over.


In Williams, The Duffy Firm obtained $2,750,000 for a man with a history of schizophrenia who, left unattended in a crisis response center waiting for treatment for conjunctivitis, went into a bathroom and removed his own eye.


In Nalls, The Duffy Firm secured a $2,650,000 settlement for a young, off-duty police officer who was forced off the job due to injuries he received when the driver of an automobile hit him on his motorcycle, causing injuries to his face, arm, and leg.


In Ward, The Duffy Firm obtained a $2,500,000 settlement for a woman who, while working at her job as a bank teller supervisor, sustained injuries and permanent nerve damage when a deliveryman knocked a heavy box off of a hand truck onto her foot and leg.


In Baird, The Duffy Firm secured a $2,350,000 settlement for a union glazier who became permanently disabled when he had to dive to get out of the way of a crate of glass being unloaded by a crane.


A confidential settlement of $2,250,000 was reached for a baby with cerebral palsy who was delivered by a midwife and nurses who failed to recognize the significance of deceleration and drop in the baseline on the fetal monitor.


The Duffy Firm recovered $2,200,000 for an individual who became legally blind after ingesting a home cleaning product. The defense contended the product was misused and properly labeled, while The Duffy Firm argued it was a foreseeable misuse.


A young schoolteacher suffered a traumatic brain injury after being struck in a multi-car pileup following a flash freeze involving multiple vehicles. Defendants denied wrongdoing since many vehicles were involved and claimed that the plaintiff’s injury actually came from an accident some weeks prior. The firm’s accident reconstruction experts established that the defendant drivers were at fault, since the plaintiff’s car was positioned on the side of the road, and, had the defendants been operating at safe speeds for the weather conditions, they would have had time to react. The Duffy Firm settled the matter for $2,200,000.


The Duffy Firm recovered $2,185,000 for an individual who suffered traumatic injuries during a recreational accident. The defense contended the plaintiff had fully recovered and argued surveillance video showing him riding a bicycle and at a concert supported the same.


In Graves, a jury returned a verdict of $2,000,000 for a client of The Duffy Firm following a 5-day trial, finding that Hahnemann Hospital and its staff committed malpractice during a surgical procedure when nerves in our client's throat were accidentally cut. This verdict was especially impressive considering no claim for lost wages or medical bills was made – the verdict was based entirely on “pain and suffering."