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Verdicts & Settlements


This settlement was obtained for a woman who, while stepping over a sitting wall, twisted her ankle while stepping down onto the asphalt surface. Duffy + Fulginiti was able to establish that the engineer who designed the sitting wall and asphalt surface failed to comply with industry standards.


In this confidential case, a client had sought care at a Philadelphia emergency room for pain in his left foot, left hip, and left shoulder. Tests were done and the client was discharged with a diagnosis of shoulder pain, toe fracture, and hub/thumb bruise/contusion. However, when the X-rays were officially read after the discharge, the radiologist found an irregularity that was never communicated to the patient. The delay in treatment resulted in permanent shoulder problems for the client, for whom the firm obtained a confidential settlement.


In this confidential case, the firm obtained a settlement for an individual who rear-ended a slow moving tractor trailer, which had been previously pulled over by the police for operating at a slow speed. While the incident occurred in Lehigh County, Duffy + Fulginiti successfully instituted the action in Philadelphia County and was able to have the action remanded after it was removed to federal court on an unsuccessful fraudulent joinder argument.