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PA ER Wait Times Among Highest in the Nation

Posted on September 4, 2023

Pennsylvania has one of the longest ER wait times in the nation, according to a recent report in PennLive. The commonwealth ranked among the top 10 states with the longest emergency room waits.

The study at the heart of the report analyzed hospital data in states throughout the country, finding that Pennsylvania tied with California as having the ninth longest average ER wait time, at 3 hours.

Maryland ranked highest on the list with an average wait of four hours and two minutes. Rhode Island came in second at three hours and 34 minutes. Massachusetts was third at three hours and 33 minutes. The remaining top 10 states in order were Delaware, New York, Arizona, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and California, and Vermont.

“Timely access to care is crucial for ensuring the best-possible patient outcomes,” noted Dr. David Burmeister, chairman of Lehigh Valley Health Network’s department of emergency and hospital medicine, as quoted in the Lehigh Valley News. He noted that increased demand for care, coupled with staffing challenges, contributes to the problem.

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