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Case Example: An Accident Triggers a Genetic Condition

A man had a genetic condition he didn’t even know about, until a low-speed, low-impact collision left him permanently disabled.

Paralyzed Man “Walks” After New Spinal Cord Treatment

New technology shows promise for spinal cord injuries.

Does Bariatric Surgery Cause Birth Injury?

There are risks to any surgery, but those of bariatric surgery are farther reaching than most - and could affect your unborn child.

Who is responsible in a “Slip-and-Fall?”

When someone slips and falls on someone else’s property, who is responsible? It depends.

Beyond Workers’ Compensation: Know Your Rights in a Construction Accident

You may be entitled to more than workers’ compensation in the event of a construction accident.

Pennsylvania Hoverboard Accident Kills Child

Despite a 2016 recall, hoverboard accidents in Pennsylvania continue.

Unexpected Shutdown Prompts LIFEPAK Defibrillator Recall

A defibrillator that automatically and unexpectedly shuts down is not a reliable lifesaving device. That’s why the manufacturer issued a recall for the LIFEPAK 1000.

Little Tikes Recalls Pink Toddler Swings

The Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure pink toddler swing, which has injured at least 39 children, has been recalled.

What is Causing ER Visit Spikes in the Tri-State Area?

Long wait times in the ER are nothing new. But a recent trend has caused a spike in visits.

SEPTA Train Collision Latest in Philadelphia Train Accidents

Two SEPTA Trains Collided on February 21, 2017.

FDA Reports Recall of Shoulder Surgery Device

The FDA says the Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder medical device poses a danger for serious injury or even death.

Supreme Court Chooses Middle Ground in Pennsylvania Products Liability Lawsuit

A Supreme Court decision may affect future Products Liability cases in Pennsylvania.

Someone, Take the Wheel? Driverless Trucks Coming Soon to Pennsylvania

Driverless trucks will soon be traveling alongside you on Pennsylvania’s roadways. Read on to find out what the implications are for safety and more.

Drones are Taking Off in the US. So are Legal Issues.

They are growing in popularity and may look like a toy, but drones are considered aircraft and regulated by the FAA.

Driverless Cars and Legal Issues

As driverless cars become reality, many things are affected: insurance, accident liability, equipment safety, and more.