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Cholestasis of Pregnancy

What is cholestasis, and how can it affect a pregnancy?

HIV & Pregnancy

Facts about HIV testing of pregnant women and common misconceptions about HIV transference.

Electronic Fetal Monitoring

The different elements that make up "Electronic fetal monitoring," and what they indicate during labor.

Apgar Score

What is the "agpar score?" Does a good score indicate that there was no birth trauma whatsoever?

Case Example: Delayed Delivery of Twin “B”

Did delayed delivery of a twin, whose agpar score was 7 at five minutes, suffer a neurological injury during birth?

Case Example: Misapplication of Forceps

Is it a birthmark, or did the infant suffer “forceps trauma?"

The Effect of Head Cooling on Brain Damage in Newborns

A review of studies that suggest that the "head cooling" technique can increase a newborn's chance of survival when they have experienced oxygen deprivation.

Antenatal Steroids Beneficial Effect on Premature Babies

A discussion of the often beneficial effects of corticosteroids given to a mother who is likely to deliver prematurely.

The Use of Tocolytic Agents For Premature Labor

There are many ways to delay preterm labor, but what are the after effects (on the mother and baby) of medicines that slow down contractions and delay labor?

Case Example:  Birth Injury Infection

A case sample of a birth injury where the injury was not formally diagnosed until the child was 13 years of age.

Common Causes of Erbs Palsy

Erbs palsy is a condition in which injury to the cervical nerves in the neck causes damage and sometimes

Common Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders traceable to a number of different causes.

Determining if a Birth Injury Was Due to Negligence

A birth injury can occur in a number of ways and for an array of reasons during the pregnancy...

What is the Time Frame for Pursuing a Birth Injury Claim?

If you or your infant are injured by the negligence or misconduct of a doctor or obstetric healthcare provider...