Duffy + Partners Launches Birth Injury Law Blog

Duffy + Partners has launched a birth injury law blog on the firm's website, www.duffyfirm.com.

The blog will provide information on the causes and facts about birth injury, as well as information on advances in medicine and case specifics to help inform and empower those in need of assistance in this area of the law.

While most of the birth injury-related settlements the firm has obtained (one in excess of $20,000,000) are confidential and many details cannot be disclosed, behind those cases the are a wealth of statistics, facts and medical information that can be of great value to other legal practitioners and parents who are faced with an injury to their child that might have been prevented.

Visit the blog to learn more at www.PhillyBirthInjuryBlog.com.

Founded by Tom Duffy, Duffy + Partners has worked behalf of the catastrophically injured and their families for almost a quarter of a century.