Several Duffy Firm Wins Highlighted in Top Verdicts of 2018 Report

(Philadelphia) - Several wins on behalf of clients were included in the “Top Pennsylvania Verdicts of 2018,” an annual report published by VerdictSearch. The recoveries included a multimillion dollar Philadelphia medical malpractice verdict, a seven-figure settlement for a work injury, and an almost eight-figure decision on a products liability case. 

  • The first case mentioned was a $5,715,964 verdict obtained by Tom Duffy on behalf of a mentally ill patient. It was seventh highest verdict obtained in the commonwealth for the year. In the case, the firm's client, while in the care of an Aria Health facility, leapt from a hospital window, suffering injuries to his jaw, wrists, ankles, heels and vertebra. The verdict was also listed as the fourth overall Medical Malpractice verdict in Pennsylvania.
  • A $1,175,000 settlement secured by the firm was listed at number ten in the top settlements for the year. In the case, a products liability matter, the firm's client suffered a workplace injury to his dominant hand due to a machine malfunction.
  • Lastly, a $9,315,648 products liability matter topped the list of decisions in Pennsylvania for 2018. The client, suffered second and third degree burns following a portable stove 

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