Top Verdicts of 2017 features Duffy Verdict

A verdict obtained by Duffy + Partners is included in the “Top Pennsylvania Verdicts of 2017,” as compiled by VerdictSearch and distributed by The Legal Intelligencer, the oldest law journal in the United States. 

In the case, plaintiff Shana Leedie was driving a sport utility vehicle in I-95 when she was rear-ended by a sedan. She claimed the driver of the sedan, Damien Diaz, was driving erratically. Diaz and his front-seat passenger testified that Leedie had suddenly entered his lane and cut him off, and he struck her vehicle because he was unable to stop in time. 

While Diaz brought in an expert that attempted to establish that photographs of the scene supported his version as well as an expert in radiology that claimed tests showed no evidence of a traumatic injury to Leedie, the Duffy firm experts successfully refuted those claims. The jury awarded Leedie $300,000, and the case ranked at #6 of the top Motor Vehicle verdicts in Pennsylvania. 

Duffy + Partners, founded 30 years ago by Tom Duffy, is committed to making a difference in the City of Philadelphia through its advocacy of victims of catastrophic injury and their families.