Philadelphia Birth Injury Attorneys

Selecting a birth injury attorney in Philadelphia is one of the most important decisions someone can make for a child.

When choosing a Philadelphia birth injury attorney, here is some criteria you can use to make your selection:

  • Do they have resources and contacts? Because of the considerable resources required to successfully pursue a birth injury case in Philadelphia, a birth injury attorney should be able to retain some of the best experts in the field to support a case.
  • Medical knowledge: A Philadelphia birth injury lawyer should have a panel of physicians and other health care providers who can provide expert interpretation of the medical issues.
  • Future cost projections: Your birth injury attorney in Philadelphia needs to provide the court with a precise prognosis on future needs in education, medical and rehabilitative care, housing and personal care.
  • Understand the process: Your legal counsel should have an established track record of successfully handling birth injury cases in Philadelphia.
  • Understand the players: Your birth injury attorneys also need to know how to navigate the Philadelphia courts, as well as medical institutions and their insurers in order to bring the case to a successful conclusion.

In the end, a birth injury attorney must have compassion for the situation in which families find themselves. Birth injuries may be ultimately due to needless negligence. Expectant mothers and fathers place their trust in healthcare providers to ensure safe management of what is otherwise a joyful event. When mistakes are made, that trust is broken. The Philadelphia birth injury attorneys of The Duffy Firm can help parents do whatever is possible to ease their child down a challenging path.

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At least with a successful case outcome—a result of making the right decision when choosing among birth injury law firms in Philadelphia, you will have the financial resources to give your child the best fighting chance.

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