Who We Are

The term "Philadelphia Lawyer" was coined in 1735. Andrew Hamilton, a respected attorney from Philadelphia, took on a landmark libel case on behalf of a New York newspaper editor – pro bono. The case was universally considered impossible to win. Attorneys in New York declined the case. Hamilton’s brilliant arguments to the jury helped his client prevail and it was said that the expression, "You're going to need a Philadelphia lawyer," was thereafter used to describe a legal matter in need of an attorney possessing great technical expertise, knowledge of the law and skill in the courtroom.

The tradition continues...

Thirty-five years ago, Tom Duffy left a promising career at a large Philadelphia firm to establish his own practice, a practice that has developed into a very experienced and respected group of attorneys and staff with one singular focus— helping individuals and families who are the victims of catastrophic injury:

For us, "success" means that our clients receive the means to move on and plan for the future—a future that includes the necessary financial resources to pay for superior medical care, living expenses, compensation for lost wages, recovery for pain and suffering, and the loss of life’s everyday pleasures. We are more than just another law firm. We are the sons and daughters of the working class of Philadelphia: truck drivers, piano movers, construction workers, firefighters, and welders. We bring a special understanding of those American working families who are simply living everyday lives when tragedy strikes. They must now face life without a loved one or provide help and assistance for a loved one who needs care around the clock. Our clients are regular people who find themselves in devastating circumstances. They all have one thing in common—they needed a law firm ready, willing and able to win their case, no matter how impossible - a "Philadelphia Lawyer."

If you are in need of a Philadelphia Lawyer, look no further than The Duffy Firm. 

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