Tom Duffy appears before PA House Insurance Committee

(Harrisburg, PA) Tom Duffy of Duffy + Partners appeared before the Pennsylvania House Insurance Committee yesterday to oppose HB 804, legislation that would amend the Mcare Act to provide "qualified immunity" to emergency health care service providers.

Several speakers offered strong support for the bill, including the Pennsylvania Medical Society, whose proxy cited the suffering of quality of care in emergency departments due to "prohibitively high liability costs."

However, Duffy, speaking on behalf of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice, warned it would make Pennsylvania citizens less safe. "If this law is enacted," Duffy cautioned, "hospitals and emergency care providers will have cost-cutting incentives to under-staff, employ fewer board-certified physicians, and forego training and certifications fo nurses and other support staff."

Tom Duffy left a promising career at a large Philadelphia firm 26 years ago to establish his own practice, one that has helped catastrophic injury victims and their families obtain settlements and verdicts in the hundreds of millions. Visit for more info.